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Introducing Amora Fedora and the Great Hat Trick, a children's book that explores the impo
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New Release

Amora Fedora and the Great Hat Trick 

Follow along as Amora Fedora trips, stumbles and falls over the many hats she wears in an attempt to find balance- only to realize that the weight she carries depends on what she decides to put on.

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Pauline Ho has created an extraordinary tale for kids that adults will love, too. Using hats as a metaphor for life activities she has shown us all what happens when there are too many hats! I can certainly relate. I think she peeked into MY life. Her lilting style, perfectly captured in the most charming illustrations, is upbeat. 

Praise & Reviews

This fun, metaphorical story about balancing the many hats we wear in life will delight kids and profoundly resonate with adults. 

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Young readers will be entertained by this fun story. The hats keep coming until Amora makes a decision. The best children's books are the ones that open the conversation of life and this is definitely one of the best. 

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About Pauline Ho


As a mom, wife, pharmacist and author, I can attest that balancing hats takes practice and A LOT of work! I am constantly dropping, tripping-over, and perpetually picking up the many hats I wear.


In the rare moments when the hats come off, I love to plan upcoming adventures: whether it be discovering new beaches in the PNW or finding that perfect pastry and ice cream combination! And if all else fails…lock myself in the bathroom for 20 minutes. 

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